About Us

Our company offers high-quality products on the market for the restoration and repair of professional and domestic acoustic systems. Our products are manufactured industrially on the most modern equipment and correspond to the declared characteristics.

The most popular of our products is the square shape repair kit for rebuilding Sony speakers from the 80s. The famous APM series possessed such a creative design and sound quality that it has not lost its relevance to this day. However, there is a problem that until recently had no solution. In the bass and midrange drivers, materials were used to surround the diaphragm that did not maintain the desired quality. The photo below shows a typical appearance of the surrounding foam, which requires replacement.

In the early 2000s, a group of vintage acoustics enthusiasts invested in the development and refurbishment of equipment to produce high quality products to solve the problems of audiophiles around the world. On the basis of the Soviet factory of acoustic systems, we produce ambient foam that exceeds vintage counterparts in its characteristics. Our plasticizers have made it more durable and wear resistant. We offer two configuration options, the basic one, where the central part is not removed, but has cut control lines, and the final one, where the surrounding foam is cut off for installation, without additional processing.

For professionals, we recommend the first option, as old speakers may have damage or glue marks that can be easily hidden by cutting the product according to the specific situation, thereby improving the aesthetic image of the speaker after repair. In addition to the APM series from Sony, the square-shaped speakers were produced by a number of brands such as Panasonic, Sanyo, Akai, Quince, etc. Based on the types of sizes (box below), you can choose a suitable option for repair.

Even if the size does not fit perfectly, for rare types of drivers, you can stick the foam with a slight offset, or stretch to the desired size. It is better to trust such works to professionals. Another important addition: for the sticker, we recommend using a water-soluble glue. Experience with our product can be viewed on YouTube.